NASA SEWP has always allowed businesses to find appropriate means to work together for the benefit of both the Government and Industry. The SEWP PMO for SEWP VI will take into consideration GSA MAS process for accommodating “Participating dealers.”

Cloud Services, architecture, design, implementation, and enterprise migration to the Cloud are currently available on SEWP V and will continue to be provided within scope for SEWP VI.

The SEWP PMO is taking into consideration expanding the scope to include Information Technology professional services and welcomes any thoughts/insights pertaining to which Information Technology professional services should be considered.

Any company interested in responding to the SEWP RFQ should consider if they are able to meet the breadth and depth of requirements set forth in the RFQ.

The NMR or Non-Manufacturer Rule requires that in order to qualify for a small business set-aside, the small business must either manufacture the product they are selling or provide at least 50% of the services on a given task order.

The SEWP PMO does not have the legal authority to allow State and Local governments to utilize the SEWP contracts.

Only if you want to run the risk of getting both proposals disqualified. You can use similar material. But you would want to be ultra careful that a reviewer could not spot any plagiarism.

The successful bidder needs to have both HR and financial resources sufficient to provide low risk that there will be a performance issue due to lack of these resources. Net net, as business people probably with an accountant for advice, you need to make a conservative business judgment as to what resources are needed. And either have / obtain them or don’t bid.

A SEWP VI bid team will likely include the following skill sets: Manager, Product Coordinator, Tech Writer, Pricer, Graphic Artist, and possibly editor. The hours needed for each position will vary widely depending on the company’s proposal readiness and the program Cartegoeries being bid. On SEWP V, one customer had an LOE of Manager 1,750 hrs, Writer 800 hrs, graphics 475 hrs, and Editor 60 hrs. Another customer had an LOE of Manager 1,400 hrs, Specialist 200 hrs, and Pricer 650 hrs

A signed letter from each of your vendors attesting that you are an authorized vendor for their products. The Government doesn’t provide a template. Needs to include name of contact at supplier company and name the program – NASA SEWP.

Depends on your level of readiness. Roughly three to nine months. If NASA SEWP VI extends as long as SEWP V, you now have about eight months.

Small businesses bidding Category A must provide evidence they have Started the process at time of submission. And complete the process within one year. Otherwise, bidders meed completed certifications at time of submission.

Experience is what (work) the offeror has done, and past performance is how well the offeror did it.