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Unveiling the

GSA Alliant 3 Acquisition

Unveiling the GSA Alliant 3 Acquisition

Get Ready For The Alliant 3 Acquisition: What You Need to Know

The long-awaited Alliant 3 RFP was finally released! While the deadline is October 28th, there’s no better time than the present to get prepared.

The Alliant 3 acquisition will allow the Federal Government access to the most advanced IT services, whenever and wherever needed. It extends to all Federal Civilian and Defense agencies, empowering them to leverage today’s leading tech and embrace advancements on the horizon, leveraging the Federal Enterprise Architecture’s standards for high-priority areas.

Estimated at $75 billion with the potential of a 10-year period of performance (PoP), this acquisition will be a full and open / unrestricted competition under NAICS 541512, Computer Systems Design Services.


What bidders need to do now.

OCI provided a comprehensive review of these items in a recent webinar entitled “Prepare for Success: Alliant 3.” You can find a recording of this webinar at this link.

  • The first thing to realize is that, like the GSA Polaris and OASIS+ bids, Alliant 3 will be documentation heavy. If you didn’t compete for either of the aforementioned contracts, then you have a tall mountain to scale to gather all of the required information. This effort will tax your proposal team to the limit. A small proposal shop will basically be on this full-time, forsaking any other efforts. Larger shops will need to prioritize their workload across teams to carry on other important work, and still be able to respond to this accordingly.

  • Second, if you’re committed to JV or CTA relationships, then there will be a large coordination effort with the teammates to gather the required documentation and to ensure that all the solicitation requirements are met by a cross-section of your team. It will take a committed effort on the part of your capture team to make this happen.

  • Third, you should probably expect a running effort to track your proposal development effort against the self-scoring worksheet to make sure you have everything placed in the proper buckets for the electronic submission. Expect that your coordinator will be heavily involved in this effort.

  • Finally, an in-depth proposal readiness review (PRR) will go a long way to establishing a plan for your team’s efforts and identifying any shortfalls you may have.

Consultant Help to Win Alliant 3

OCI and consultants have helped win contracts on all previous evolutions of the Alliant program. We have a deep talent bench of consultants with experience on the Alliant program. This includes Capture Manager and all proposal preparation skills such as Proposal Manager, Proposal Writer, Coordinator, Graphic Artist, Desktop Publisher, and others.

Those interested in discussing the Alliant 3 program can dial 703-689-9600 or submit a service form.

 Read our blog to learn more about Alliant 3.

Let us help you get ready for GSA Alliant 3!

Proposal Readiness Review (PRR)

The most valuable thing most bidders can do right now to up their odds — is to perform a Proposal Readiness Review (PRR). This involves getting a qualified consultant to compare your capability to the RFP requirements.

The end result is that you know where you stand and what more needs to be done. Or in some cases that the lift is just too heavy. This is commonly a 40-hour project. Even a large business can benefit from an unbiased third-party analysis of your capabilities.


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