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Secure Your Recompete: Leverage the Recompete Risk Register

In almost every contract solicitation, there is a requirement to address risks. But what about your own risks during the recompete process? This is where a recompete risk register becomes crucial. In fact, good program/project management techniques require the establishment of a risk register to ensure the project can be completed on [...]

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Overcoming the NASA SEWP VI “Jitters”

When it comes to large and complex bids like NASA SEWP VI, there can often be anxiety around when and how to begin developing your response. To date, we estimate that 40 percent of SEWP VI bidders have not yet begun. Likely, this means that they have: Not developed their strategy. Not [...]

The Future of Army IT Procurement: ITES-4S + ACCESS

The Army is considering combining two of its major acquisition efforts into a single omnibus effort. The combination of the Information Technology Enterprise Solution – 4 Services (ITES-4S) and the Army Contracting Command Enterprise for Sourcing Services (ACCESS) procurement programs would yield one of the largest Army information systems efforts in recent [...]

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ITES-4S: Win Big with the U.S. Army’s Next-Gen IT Contract

The U.S. Army Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions Program Office (CHESS) is gearing up for its major IT procurement, the Information Technology Enterprise Solution – 4 Services (ITES-4S) contract. ITES- 4S Background Here's what you need to know about ITES-4S: Big Opportunity: ITES-4S boasts a $12.1 billion ceiling and a [...]

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USAID Wants to Energize the World – ENERGY IDIQ III

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has begun the acquisition effort for the third iteration of the Energy IDIQ contract (Energy IDIQ III). On March 22, USAID released an update to their RFI in the form of a Special Notice on announcing a Pre-Bidders Conference for the effort. The conference [...]

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3 Reasons for selecting OCI to provide consultants for your next proposal

Based on our experience placing 1,500 consultants, the OCI team understands the importance of providing the right proposal consultants to you.  Our consultants have helped bidders win over $200B in contracts. After opening in our president’s bedroom, we have now provided customers over 5,000 different proposal consultants. We have earned customer trust [...]

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Time to Take Action: Don’t wait until the final SEWP VI solicitation releases

As bidders for NASA SEWP VI, we are looking at the Mt. Everest of federal IT proposals. Here we have the best-run program, the most popular contract with agency buyers, and the most valuable contract for providers to hold. About 1,000 bidders are expected for SEWP VI. Based on our market intelligence, [...]

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NASA Looking for More SEWP – An Omnibus Overview on Winning

NASA is leading the effort to provide next-generation Solutions to federal agencies. NASA SEWP VI is the leading information technology GWAC. Historically an IT products contract, this iteration includes expanded IT services categories. SEWP VI will offer a broad selection of IT solutions across three Categories: Information Communication Technology (ICT) and [...]

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GSA’s Alliant 3 Acquisition Returns for Innovation

The GSA's Alliant 3 acquisition, heralds a new era in federal IT services, drawing on the legacy of Polaris and OASIS+ programs. This "evidence-based" procurement initiative promises cutting-edge solutions to government entities, aligning with the Federal Enterprise Architecture's standards. Unveiling the GSA Alliant 3 Acquisition Tentatively schedule for an April 2024 [...]

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