When it comes to NASA SEWP VI our feel for the Federal proposal market suggests that, most of the estimated 900 bidders have not yet begun. This is a risk especially if they need consultants because the most affordable talent is being taken.

Now is the time to plan your strategy, decide if you will stay in-house or engage consultant(s), and perform a Proposal Readiness Review — a qualified 3rd party assessment of exactly where you stand compared to the RFP.

Popular Program

NASA SEWP is the most popular and sought-after IT program in Government and NASA SEWP VI promises to be just as popular. Preferred by Federal customers, it only comes around once every 10 years.  Yet is challenging to pursue due to the extensive RFP and the always-long bid period.

OCI Background

OCI and consultants have helped SEWP customers win contracts from SEWP I thru SEWP V. Consultants with SEWP experience are available. We are glad to provide consultant to augment your in-house team or provide the whole bid team. Learn more about how OCI can help you win!

Annotated RFP Outline

As an aid to bidders, OCI has prepared an Annotated Outline of RFP Requirements. To go to the outline, click here.

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