As bidders for NASA SEWP VI, we are looking at the Mt. Everest of federal IT proposals. Here we have the best-run program, the most popular contract with agency buyers, and the most valuable contract for providers to hold.

About 1,000 bidders are expected for SEWP VI. Based on our market intelligence, many bidders are holding back, and are waiting to start work when the final solicitation comes out.

Any bidder who wants to win this contract needs to begin immediately by:

  1. Performing a gap analysis to determine the magnitude of the lift.
  2. Developing your strategy to both win and make maximum sales.
  3. Assessing the level of effort to prepare your proposal. Depending on your situation and how many categories you are going after, this bid is likely to need 500 to 1,000 or even 1,500 hours of support.  This level of effort (LOE) applies whether you do it with in-house resources or with outside consultants.

There are three critical reasons to get started on SEWP VI:

  1. If you need partners, this provides more time to engage with them.
  2. If you are going to need outside help, the supply of qualified consultants is declining. Based on our experience with SEWP I to SEWP V, this is what happens:
    • The price of consultants with SEWP experience increases as the lower-cost talent is taken.
    • By the time the RFP is released, the talent with SEWP experience is gone, so it is necessary to use consultants with general experience.
  3. During the SEWP V bid, some vendors quit responding to requests for Letters of Authorization (LOC), because the demand was too heavy.

Help for SEWP VI Bidders

OCI provides the following resources:

  1. Proposal Readiness Review (PRR) that includes a gap analysis and a high-level proposal plan. This is a 40-hour study.
  2. Consultants to fill gaps in your team – all proposal consultant positions – whatever you need.
  3. Whole proposal support – we provide a team to help package your proposal.

OCI Capabilities

  1. Consultants with SEWP experience
  2. Experience helping to win SEWP I – SEWP V
  3. On SEWP V helped 10 bidders – all won contracts, and they sold $1,500,000,000 in product to SEWP customers

Interested in having a conversation about SEWP VI proposal support? Contact us here.