Nine Reasons Why Proposal Training Is Needed

  |  September 11, 2017

Gary Everett

After being a proposal training instructor for 15 years, I have learned these major reasons why companies say they need proposal training:

1.  We need to understand and use a consistent process.
2. We need checklists and templates of how to do the right things.
3. We need to write proposals that speak in one voice and avoid textbook responses.
4. We need strong editing of proposals to fix cut-and-pasted responses from previous proposals.
5. We need effective up-front reviews to stay out of schedule trouble.
6. We need to do better at building Win Themes into our proposal.
7. We need to perform effective post-mortems to provide ongoing improvements on our process.
8. We need expert objective critiques of technical responses to eliminate writer bias.
9. We need to answer the mail and provide the stated requirements and not force things that don’t apply.

Effective proposal training will stress these nine things and many others to provide a cohesive proposal team to enable more wins.

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