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Russell founded OCI in 1985, and has been serving as President ever since. He has overseen its growth into one of the largest and most recognized proposal service companies in the nation. For him, every part of the work is exciting: Serving the customers, educating the prospects, engaging the consultants. Prior to founding OCI, he worked as a proposal manager for several federal contractors including ManTech. Originally from West Texas, Russell completed two degrees at the University of Texas before moving to Virginia. Following service in the Army, he completed his Doctorate at the College of William and Mary. He is a past president of the National Capital Area Chapter of the APMP.

What Business Situations — Benefit from Proposal Consultant Help?

Nearly all companies yearn to use proposal consultants to get leverage in the market.  But due to cost, decisions on when and how come with anguish. My 35-years operating a proposal service company has provided insight on -- how companies can benefit most from using proposal consultants.  All companies can benefit in [...]

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Washington Technology: Cultivating the Government Customer During the Summer Selling Season

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created challenges for the government contracting community – though there may be a silver lining on the horizon. With addressable funds being the highest in 10 years, many believe that federal spending for contractor services is accelerating. The pandemic has also created a backlog of RFPs [...]

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How Can Government Contractors Make Money during the Slow-Down?

We all know the industry is set to languish during the 30 – 60 days needed for government contractors to learn how to work off site.  Many of those releases we were expecting right now will make the proverbial “move to the right” due to this act of nature. So, we can [...]

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How Bad Does the COVID-19 Affect the Federal Market?

This year started with expectation that we would see the fastest market for Federal contractors in 10 years.  Higher addressable spend.  No shutdown. And widely shared optimism. Then came the Coronavirus and its fellow traveler, the recession.  Does this double whammy doom us to a retrograde year?  Or is the market more like [...]

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OCI – Supporting Education Program in Uganda

OCI has had the privilege of helping to educate children in Africa for nearly 10 years.  We believe it is our duty to help others when we can.  Support is provided through the Children’s AIDS Fund (CAF), a Non-Government Organization (NGO). Without assistance, these children would not be able to go to [...]

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Faster Start of 2020 Business for Contractors– $1.4T Appropriations

The entire industry breathed a sigh of relief when the $1.4 trillion FY 2020 appropriations passed on December 20.  Just a week previous, many with deep insight felt it would be impossible for congress to complete work on time, possibly forcing a second shutdown. Net net, we have a huge whopping budget [...]

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9 Ways to “Fix” Federal Proposal Training

Nearly all federal proposal groups face a critical training problem:  Providing instruction that will increase win skills at an affordable cost . . . There are two primary issues: Getting proposal staff trained Getting the engineers, program managers, and subject matter experts (SMEs) trained Following below are 9 ways to provide training that [...]

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Winning a NASA RAPID $6B Spacecraft Acquisition IV Contract

On October 24, the Contracting Officer said that the procurement office would release the final RAPID Spacecraft Acquisition IV solicitation “in the next couple of weeks.”  Thus, bidders are on notice, the race for a contract is in the stretch. Where should Bidders be NOW Following is an assessment of what progress [...]

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