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2603, 2024

3 Reasons for selecting OCI to provide consultants for your next proposal

By |March 26, 2024|Government Proposal Consultants|0 Comments

Based on our experience placing 1,500 consultants, the OCI team understands the importance of providing the right proposal consultants to you.  Our consultants have helped bidders win [...]

2603, 2024

Time to Take Action: Don’t wait until the final SEWP VI solicitation releases

By |March 26, 2024|Government Proposal Consultants, NASA SEWP|0 Comments

As bidders for NASA SEWP VI, we are looking at the Mt. Everest of federal IT proposals. Here we have the best-run program, the most popular contract [...]

1303, 2024

NASA Looking for More SEWP – An Omnibus Overview on Winning

By |March 13, 2024|Government Proposal Consultants, NASA SEWP|0 Comments

NASA is leading the effort to provide next-generation Solutions to federal agencies. NASA SEWP VI is the leading information technology GWAC. Historically an IT products contract, [...]

802, 2024

Unearthing Client Concerns: The Key to Winning Proposals

By |February 8, 2024|Proposal Management, Proposal Writing|0 Comments

At the heart of every winning proposal lies a deep understanding of the client's needs, concerns, and objectives. Before diving into the proposal writing process, take the [...]

3101, 2024

GSA’s Alliant 3 Acquisition Returns for Innovation

By |January 31, 2024|Alliant 3, Government Proposal Consultants|0 Comments

The GSA's Alliant 3 acquisition, heralds a new era in federal IT services, drawing on the legacy of Polaris and OASIS+ programs. This "evidence-based" procurement initiative [...]

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