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2909, 2022

A Red Team Blueprint

By |September 29, 2022|Red Team|0 Comments

“This Red Team was like night and day [compared to our last one] — It was the best organized
that I’ve ever seen.We had everything that we needed. It was actually enjoyable!”
                                                                                                                                               V.P. and General Manager.

What do the reviewers need in order to give you the “most bang” for your dollar in conducting your Red Team? Do you simply put them in a big room, give them a quick briefing on your understanding of the program, a few instructions including where to find coffee and the bathrooms, hand them a three hundred-page RFP and a two hundred-page proposal, and ask them to see if you missed anything?

2709, 2022

Why Outsourcing Government Proposal Writing Works

By |September 27, 2022|Government Proposal Consultants, Proposal Consulting, Proposal Writing|0 Comments

In the government contracting arena, the competition can be fierce, and the ability to win new business depends on writing winning government proposals. Writing a government [...]

809, 2022

Winning the $1.5B Army Medical Repair and Renewal Design-Build Construction VII Contract

By |September 8, 2022|Government Proposal Consultants|0 Comments

The Medical Repair and Renewal Design-Build Construction VII final RFP is anticipated in early-to-mid October. Repair and Renewal Activities As a person who has spent many hours [...]

109, 2022

EOR is looking for growth driven partners!

By |September 1, 2022|Government Proposal Consultants|0 Comments

Electronic On-Ramp (EOR) is a highly capable and diverse Native American, Service-disabled Veteran owned HUBZONE Small Business, actively seeking to team/partner/subcontract with other businesses. Since its inception [...]

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