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The Department of the Interior (DoI) is recompeting its Cloud Hosting Services (CHS) contract, and the sky is the limit!



The DoI, through its US Geological Survey (USGS), is recompeting its VDC contract under the auspices of its CHS program. The original contract was a modest success from a programmatic perspective with a planned $10 Billion spend across 10 major primes. The actual spend has been less than inspiring with only about $226M reported spent across the eight years of the contract (with one major contractor only getting a reported $5K!).

What We Know About CHS Contract:

While the acquisition strategy was established in early May, there has been no hint of a draft solicitation and, as of October 28, the USGS has stated only that they are unsure the solicitation will be released this calendar year.  In late April, extensions were exercised for seven of the incumbent vendors. If all options from the original contract were to be exercised, then any outstanding task orders would terminate in early 3Q22. Given that, there’s not a lot of pressure on the USGS to get a final solicitation out.

CHS Proposal Content:

Hard to say exactly what the required proposal content will be. I would anticipate the following:

  • Volume 1: Technical/Management (125+ pages, might be two volumes with slightly larger total page count)
  • Corporate Experience (25 pages)
  • Volume 2: Cost/Price (unlimited)
  • Volume 3: Past Performance (probably limited to most recent three years and three to five pages per)
  • Volume 4: Small Business Participation Plan (unlimited)
  • Volume 5: Administrative Information (unlimited)

Note that the volume numbers will most likely differ from these.

Don’t be surprised if there is a task order response (awardable or not) required as part of the Total Evaluated Price.

CHS Evaluation Factors:

Unknown at this time

How Do I Win:

You past performance, and your ability to use it along with other “proof points,” will be critical to winning this procurement.

What Do I Need to Do NOW:

At this point, I would begin working on my past performance, mapping selected contracts that put your best foot forward. Look to use those that have the best possible CPARs. You should anticipate some content being required around task order (TO) management, and be sure to collect proof points to be spread throughout your response.

Start thinking in terms of the organizational structure required to manage a $1B program. Get the structure and supporting elements identified now, and be able to discuss why your organization provides the best value to the Government.

From a pricing perspective, get you stubby pencil out for any task orders (sample or otherwise) to which the Government might require a response.

Questions?  Anyone with questions is invited to connect with us! 


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