The Enterprise Program Project Integration Services (EPPIS) effort is to provide support for the Information Technology (IT) Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO).  The resulting contract will assist the EPMO in offering a range of services to manage and support IT operations, oversee program implementations, and ensure compliance. This will be a part of the IRS’ strategic portfolio and assist in the monitoring and management of IT spending and delivery. The expected solicitation date is for November 2023.

Enterprise Program Project Integration Services (EPPIS) Overview

Winning vendors will assist the EPMO in maintaining and managing a common program structure and framework. This framework includes identifying key roles and responsibilities, defining metrics, and establishing a culture of collaboration and integration with business and delivery partners.

To support the EPMO in its mission, the IRS is seeking professional expertise to provide end-to-end program management support for the delivery of enterprise-level IT capabilities. The IRS is seeking contractors to provide a full range of delivery services necessary to support program technical and management approaches, organizational resources, and management controls. These services must be aligned with program cost, performance requirements, and scheduling demands for the EPMO, delivery partners, and other business stakeholders.


Enterprise Program Project Integration Services (EPPIS) is expected to be released sometime in the next 30 days as a Full & Open/Unrestricted competition with a partial small business set-aside. It may come out via GSA’s eBuy system, so be on the lookout for it. This is reinforced by the fact that this opportunity is not being tracked on even with the closeness of its projected release. Nearly all the current contracts expire in CY24, so it will be a high priority for the IRS to award the new contracts in a timely manner. At this point, the IRS appears to be targeting Q1 of CY24 for awards to be announced.

Under the new effort the ceiling is expected to be in the $1.9B range, which exceeds the ceiling of the current contracts of approximately $1.1B. Task Orders awarded under the resulting contracts will be a mix of Firm-Fixed Price and Labor Hour and cover an anticipated 7.5-year period of performance.

EPPIS Proposal Structure

The IRS is not expected to run this solicitation as an “evidence-based” effort as we have recently seen with the GSA-run efforts. You can expect at least three volumes for your Enterprise Program Project Integration Services (EPPIS) response:

  • Volume I – Technical/Management
  • Volume II – Past Performance
  • Volume III – Pricing (which may include a discount to the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Pricing)

Within the Technical Management Volume, vendors can be expected to discuss their approaches to the 20 task areas identified in the draft PWS released in late August of last year. These task areas include:

  • Task Area 3: Program/Project Management
  • Task Area 4: Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC)
  • Task Area 5: Program Integration
  • Task Area 6: Technical Integration
  • Task Area 7: Business Analysis
  • Task Area 8: Requirements Engineering
  • Task Area 13: Engineering and Architecture
  • Task Area 14: Enterprise Testing
  • Task Area 15: Cybersecurity
  • Task Area 16: Applications Development and others

What You Should Be Doing Now 

Your current efforts, pending release of the final solicitation, should be centered around:

  • Reviewing the task areas and preparing a 1-1.5-page description each of your approach to the task areas along with proof points of where your organization has successfully performed them
  • Developing a comprehensive list of past performance contracts probably within the last three years with at least a year’s performance
  • Review the pricing on your current FSS contract to see where you might be able to discount, if requested

Help Preparing a Winning Proposal

We expect this to be a highly competed program. Your challenges will be to articulate your approaches to the task areas in a concise and highly focused manner. OCI can provide a wide range of resources including a seasoned proposal manager to help direct the effort, experienced technical writers to assist in the sculpting of your responses, and graphic artists who can convey a thousand words with their art. We can also provide any editing and desktop publishing skills to fit your needs. Or, a pricer.  Let OCI help you cross the finish line a winner.