FBI ITSSS-2 Background

The FBI is looking for contractors to provide services under the second iteration of its Information Technology Supplies and Support Services contract (ITSSS-2). ITSSS-2 is slated to be a blanket procurement agreement (BPA) type contract with an unknown number of final awards in a full and open/unrestricted competition. With an anticipated ceiling of $7 billion, expect the competition for a spot on the BPA to be fierce, so you’ll want to consider your “A team” for the effort. Forty-six vendors were awarded contracts under the previous iteration, and you can expect a similar number with ITSSS-2. Support will be provided to the FBI but also to the Department of Justice. The FBI ITSSS-2 solicitation is expected sometime in the early summer with awards anticipated late this calendar year.

In the information available to date, the work will cover seven different areas, including:

  • Workplace Solutions/Services
  • Business Application Solutions/Services
  • Delivery Solutions/Services
  • Platform Solutions/Services
  • Infrastructure Solutions/Services
  • Emerging Technologies Solutions/Services
  • Other IT Services

The reality is that each of these areas could be a separate contract effort, but it appears the FBI is trying to take advantage of the synergies available by having a contract vehicle to cover them all.

FBI ITSSS-2 Solicitation Response

It’s unknown at this time if the FBI ITSSS-2 response effort will continue the Federal Government’s trend toward what I call an “evidence based” response (ala Polaris and OASIS+) or if it will be a more traditional submission. In either case, expect there to be a premium on your ability to identify your Past Performance in sufficient detail to tell a convincing story.

Another unknown is if the forthcoming solicitation will provide any bifurcation of the support areas. Based upon the FBI’s history, we don’t anticipate that will happen. But with recent major procurements, we have seen situations where different areas are blocked off, or organizational conflict prevention policies have been addressed.

Given the breadth of the areas for FBI ITSSS-2, you can expect at least three Past Performance citations, and there could possibly be as many as five. Also, expect there to be Past Performance requirements for major subcontractors and teaming partners. Additionally, don’t be surprised for there to be in-depth requirements for management, staffing, and transition plans.

How to Begin Preparing

At this point, I would be identifying my potential proposal team and begin the staffing processes to onboard any third-party proposal specialists. These could be Past Performance writers and others with emphasis on Technical and Management Volumes. If you are not among the current 46 vendors, then consider a third-party Price-to-Win (PTW) effort to ensure your pricing is competitive if required. Given the breadth of services, there will no doubt be numerous labor categories to be priced and an outside PTW will most likely have a broader set of data with which to work.

Latest FBI ITSSS-2 Updates

An update was issued on February 21 to advise vendors that the email box ITSSS2@fbi.gov is now operational. Tentatively, an Industry Day may be held in late Spring 2023.

GovWin Opportunity ID: 220601

SAM Notice ID: ITSSS-2_2_17_2023_FBI

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