GSA’s OASIS+ final solicitation will be released sometime within the next couple of months. This will be a groundbreaking solicitation, valued at an eye-opening $130+ billion (and perhaps more), and has an anticipated period of performance of at least 10 years.

OASIS+ Competition Type

Includes the following:

8(a) Set-Aside
Small Bus Set-Aside
Full and Open / Unrestricted
HUBZone Set-Aside
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
Woman-Owned Small Business Set Aside

“Noncompetitive” Contract

Another twist to GSA’s OASIS+ is this: It’s what I would call a “noncompetitive” contract in that your qualification to get a contract is based on your ability to reach a total number of points based upon your business facts and evidence of performance. There’s no competition against any other entity; if you can reach the qualifying level of points, then you will get a contract. That means that the overall program could have literally several hundreds of awarded contracts and will represent a truly wide-open marketing opportunity to the Federal Government.

GSA’s OASIS+ Domains

The solicitation will be looking for vendors in a variety of domains that include:

  • Business Administration
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Human Capital
  • Logistics
  • Management and Advisory
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Research and Development
  • Social Services
  • Technical and Engineering

The following domains have not been solidified but may reasonably be expected to be in the final RFP:

  • Facilities
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C5ISR)
  • Major Acquisitions

It’s anticipated that each domain will have a qualification matrix that will identify the minimum number of points required for a contract in that domain. The GSA, through its Interact website has provided a few examples of qualification matrices to provide a sense of what will be expected.

Another aspect of GSA’s OASIS+ contract is that it is an On Ramp meaning that there will be future opportunities to win a contract. Just because an organization may not be able to qualify at this point doesn’t mean it won’t qualify at a future date. When you qualify, you can submit (or submit again). For example, you don’t have any ISO certifications but have at least one in the works. Once you receive that certification, you can resubmit. Another example would be to get the required experience to either receive or increase your points for a particular project. Once you meet the minimum threshold, you can resubmit. The timing of new submittals/resubmittals is unclear but should be clarified once the final solicitation is released.

Getting Qualified for GSA’s OASIS+

Some considerations to get qualified for OASIS+:

  • Consider having a third-party assessment of where you stand to see if you qualify now. This would include a review of your objective information as well as your project information.
  • If you don’t qualify at this point, have a strategy session with a seasoned proposal professional to develop a strategy to get to a qualified status. Over the 10-year lifecycle of this acquisition, you should be able to devise a plan to get qualified.

GovWin Opportunity ID: 201043

SAM Notice ID:  47QRCA21N0001

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