In this episode of the Secret Code to Government Proposal Success podcast series, Ken Blair, President of Blair Associates, provides a deep-dive perspective on the NITAAC CIO-SP4 opportunity, and what contractors really need to know about responding to the fast opportunity.

Right before the Memorial Day holiday, NITAAC issued its request for proposals for the potential 10-year, $50 billion CIO-SP4 opportunity. With a deadline of June 28th for responses, and the deadline for questions having already passed on June 1st, there’s a lot to unpack for contractors interested in bidding.

In addition, NITAAC is now offering a new Emerging Large Business category for the proposal, which may add to more confusion for government contractors.  Thankfully, Ken Blair offers a wide-range of insights, including his perspective on the June 28th deadline being potentially extended and what contractors need to do to create winning proposals.

Following are highlights from this interview:

  • An overview of CIO- SP4, and Ken’s overall commentary on the GWAC. (:55)
  • Insights about the new Emerging Large Business category, and what it means for bidders in this arena. (4:38)
  • Why the June 28th deadline for submission may be extended. (7:03)
  • What bidders need to do to develop winning proposals. (9:42)
  • The most important thing that contractors should focus on in their responses. (13:17)
  • Why contractors need outsourced proposal services for responding to this opportunity. (14:36)
  • Parting words from Ken. (16:03)

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