Upcoming Acquisitions

Below we highlight upcoming multi-award IDIQ programs. Our team is standing ready to help with your proposal support needs.  

NIH NITAAC Chief Information Officer Commodity Solutions (CIO-CS) GWAC

Full and Open / UnrestrictedThe NIH NITAAC Chief Information Officer Commodities and Solutions (CIO-CS) GWAC is a multiple-award, IDIQ contract that provides federal agencies with a wide range of IT commodities and solutions to meet their scientific, health, administrative, operational, managerial, and information management requirements. The contract includes health and biomedical-related IT commodities, as well as general IT commodities. The inclusion of general IT commodities is necessary because medical systems are increasingly integrated within a broader IT architecture, requiring a systems approach to their implementation and a sound infrastructure for their operation. There are 69 incumbent contracts.

CIO Modernization and Enterprise Transformation Project (COMET) BPA

Small Bus Set-Aside Full and Open / UnrestrictedThe CIO Modernization and Enterprise Transformation (COMET) BPA is a highly visible, five-year, $500 million recompete contract that will support the modernization of legacy systems within the GSA business portfolio. The BPA is open to both small businesses and unrestricted vendors. The original BPA was awarded to 12 vendors in 2019. In 2022, an additional 8 vendors were added to the contract because some of the existing vendors had grown too large. The current 21 contracts are set to expire in September of 2024. Expect those contracts to be extended as GSA plans to release the solicitation for the recompete in late Q2 FY 2024, with an award expected in Q4 FY 2024.

The COMET BPA will provide a wide range of services to support the modernization of GSA’s legacy systems. These services may include application development and maintenance, systems engineering and integration, Cloud computing services, cybersecurity services, data analytics services, and training and support.

The COMET BPA is a significant opportunity for vendors who are interested in providing IT services to the federal government. The contract is expected to be highly competitive, so vendors should carefully prepare their proposals.

DOT Software Engineering Support (SWES) BPA

Small Bus Set-AsideThe Department of Transportation (USDOT) is seeking to award a department-wide BPA to support a suite of approximately 130 active applications and new application development needs across a wide range of technology stacks. The BPA will also support the USDOT’s transition from a waterfall development lifecycle to an agile or DevOps approach. This is expected to be a total small business set-aside. Fifteen vendors were awarded under the existing contract and a similar number is expected. Total spend is expected to be $280M. Agile development is a methodology that emphasizes iterative development and continuous feedback from stakeholders. DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). Both agile and DevOps approaches can help the USDOT to more rapidly deliver value to stakeholders.

Many Operating Administrations (OA) within the USDOT are already moving toward selected agile practices in the development or maintenance of their applications. The BPA will provide a framework for the USDOT to standardize its agile practices and accelerate its transition to a more agile approach to software development.

With the expected release of the final RFP in October of this year, the BPA is expected to be awarded in early 2024.

Veterans Affairs Secure, Performant, Reliable, and User Centered Experiences (SPRUCE) IDIQ

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small BusinessSPRUCE ensures that the VA has streamlined access to the modern commercial services it needs to deliver excellent products to its internal and external users. This is an SDVOSB set-aside with an anticipated value of as much as $2.7B. To successfully deliver these products, the VA needs the ability to obtain commercial delivery services that are supported by teams with capabilities in:
• Software development and operation
• Technical advising and architecture planning
• Service design and user research studies
• Data science and data analytics
• Product support operations

SPRUCE will provide a single point of contact for the VA to acquire these services, which helps to streamline the procurement process and ensure that the VA gets the best possible value for its investment.

SPRUCE will be a valuable resource for the VA as it modernizes its digital infrastructure. There is some ambiguity as to when the VA will release the final RFP, but it could be as early as the next 30-60 days.

Enterprise Case Management (ECM) Development Services BPA

UndeterminedThe IRS currently has a complex and fragmented set of case management and account management applications. These applications are tailored to support the specific needs of different taxpayer groups and IRS program offices. This has led to a number of challenges, including:
• The high cost of maintaining and operating multiple systems.
• The difficulty of integrating data across systems.
• The lack of standardization of processes, which can lead to errors and delays.

To address these challenges, the IRS is envisioning a new approach to case management: ECM process standardization. This approach would involve consolidating the existing applications into a single, standardized system. This would allow the IRS to address the challenges.

The IRS will be gathering information from its industry partners and other entities to identify best practices, lessons learned, and the correlation of current IRS business processes to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) capabilities. This information will be used to develop a plan for ECM process standardization.

The benefits of ECM process standardization are significant. By consolidating the existing applications into a single, standardized system, the IRS can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its case management processes. This will lead to better service for taxpayers and a fairer administration of tax law.

ECM process standardization is a complex undertaking, but it is essential for the IRS to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its case management processes. By gathering information from its industry partners and other entities, the IRS can develop a plan for ECM process standardization that will achieve its goals.

This one is a good way out, probably not until early calendar year 2025, but it’s going to be big, somewhere near $2.5B in an open/unrestricted competition.

Defense Air Force Strategic Transformation Support II (DAFSTS II)

Full and Open / UnrestrictedThe Air Force is seeking a contractor to provide advisory and assistance services (A&AS) to support the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force Office of Management (SAF/MG) and Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO) in managing and improving strategic transformation initiatives at the enterprise level.

The contractor will be responsible for providing all services, materials, supplies, equipment, travel, and project supervision as required in connection with any task orders awarded using the AFSTS IDIQ contract.

This is not an information technology (IT) contract, but IT services, tools, and prototypes may be used or developed as long as they are necessary to provide a total transformational solution to meet agency needs.

For the purpose of this IDIQ, “transformation” means the process of fundamentally changing the systems, processes, people, and/or technology across an entire organization (entity) to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and stakeholder satisfaction. Transformation programs change how organizations use people, processes, technology, and physical infrastructure to develop capabilities to meet their mission. These programs are driven by a sense of urgency, are broad in scope and impact, and are typically done in parallel with ongoing operations.

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing mission/business processes, culture, customer/end user experiences to meet changing mission, business, and national security requirements.

The A&AS services will be used to support the Air Force’s strategic transformation initiatives, which are designed to improve the Air Force’s efficiency, effectiveness, and readiness.

The A&AS services will be critical to the success of the Air Force’s strategic transformation initiatives. The contractor selected for this contract will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the Air Force’s mission.

Expect this one to come out in early 2024 with an expected value in the $3.5B range. The competition is expected to be full and open and there are eight incumbent contractors, all big business.

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