Whenever there is a new presidential administration, there is always uncertainly as to what the future will hold for government contractors.  All of us wonder, will what I do … go on the back burner, the front burner, or the middle burner?

Typically, there is a small drop in overall business for contractors under a new Democratic administration, and there’s usually a five to seven-month delay in some procurements due to on-boarding political appointees.

However, the Democratic control of Congress and the economic situation are speeding things up at a pace not seen with recent administration changeovers. This could be a sign that opportunities will be moving quickly in 2021, and contractors will also need to move quickly to thrive in this new arena.

These were the key themes of a recent Washington Technology guest article by Russell Smith, President of OCI.

The article also discussed how large GWACS like CIO-SP4 and ITES-4H are being released soon, along with the new administration’s focus on cybersecurity, clean energy, infrastructure and COVID-19 spending, which all points to the need for contractors to prove their value in helping to achieve the program mission.

As such, its important to fully understand the priority areas for new agency leaders – and align your offerings accordingly – as well as uncover opportunities to educate the government buyer on how your solution truly helps with “quick wins.”

Now is also a great time to get your proposal house in order by ensuring that you have the right internal and external resources to be fully prepared to write winning responses. In addition, a Proposal Readiness Review (PRR) can help prepare your organization for any new bids that come along.

Please click here to read the full article. We would also like to thank Tom Suder, Founder and President of ATARC, for providing commentary for this article via his recent Government Marketing University – Real Talk for Government podcast interview.

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