7 Ways — to Save on Proposal Consultant Cost

  |  January 30, 2019

Never was there a time when companies had such a need to lower the cost of proposal consultants. Providing consultants over the past 30 years has shown us how bidder companies can economize while still winning contracts. This includes Top 100 contractors down to small business:

1. Establish a relationship with providers that offer quality proposal talent at an affordable price. Some firms provide better talent at a lower price than better known providers.

2. Contact your agency at least two weeks in advance. This gives them time to locate consultants who are not only responsive but also lower priced.

3. If you have a particular budget for a proposal, share this with the agency so they can provide talent within your cost goals.

4. Share your pipeline for the next quarter or two with your providers. If you don’t want to name the programs, at least provide a generic description so the agency can preposition good talent for you.

5. If you have a limited budget, be careful to prioritize to get consultants for the most profitable programs.

6. Provide a clear description of what you want. For example, if you need a multi-talented consultant who can do A, B, and C well, then say so.

7. Engage a consultant firm with a deep talent bench. This provides the selectivity to get the right talent and avoid costly errors.