The Federal Proposal “Feeding Frenzy” begins . . . Task Order Checklist

  |  August 15, 2019

Every year about this time, we see a repeated ritual:  DoD commands rush to spend remaining budget dollars as fast as possible.  (DoD spends 1/3 of its annual budget in fourth fiscal quarter.)

The result is a frenzy of procurement activity, mostly through simple contracts such as Task Orders (TO) and Invitation to Bid (IFB).

Task Order Readiness Checklist: 

Following below is a checklist that will help assess your readiness to prepare / win Task Order (TO) proposals – can you do the following:

  1. Quick Decision– The capability to quickly make a bid / no-bid decision – within 2 – 4 hours or usually less than a day depending on schedule. This presupposes the capability to have key personnel immediately review, discuss, and assess the RFP.
  2. Quick Staffing– The ability to staff the proposal in a timely manner with the necessary managerial, writer, technical, pricer, and SME personnel.
  3. Agile Templates– The templates / sections needed to get a running start at the writing task – Technical, Management, Plans, Pricing. This might be an outline as to detailed subject matter to be addressed. Or it might be more-or-less finished proposal sections for groups that usually bid subject matter common from one bid to the next.
  4. Appropriate Review– The capability to provide a review satisfactory for the situation. This includes qualified personnel who can quickly review a TO response, providing actionable comments for timely fixes.
  5. Executive Action – Priority access to any executive who makes final approval.

Help when you are overwhelmed

OCI can provide well qualified consultants to assist bidders with these fast-turn proposals.

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