Winning NASA RAPID IV Government Contract Draft Released

  |  July 19, 2019

After what has seemed like an eon, the draft RFP for the $6B RAPID IV program finally came out yesterday – July 18, 2019.  And the final RFP is expected in late September.   It comes as a relief to contractors that the RFP doesn’t even genuflect to the new NASA paradigm that – the contractor owns the equipment while NASA pays for its use. That RFP language clearly states that the Government will own the spacecraft developed under this contract.

Requirements to Qualify to Bid

NASA states 11 specific requirements for a company to bid. Primary among these is the mandate that the offeror has completed the design and development of two successful spacecraft with aminimum payload of 7 kg and power of 20 watts.

Small Business

Small Business subcontracting goals include various specific subcategories, and there is a total of 13%.

Proposal Challenges

This RFP is like a cliff climb.  For most bidders, it will require a response of 150 – 250 pages, give or take, with a minimum of 5 – 7 person-months of effort.  In an expected 30-day bid period.

First-Rate Help for Bidders

Bidders lacking talent are invited to contact OCI. We have proposal consultants with space-related experience – managers, writers, pricers, and more.  We are glad to provide talent to fill holes in your team. Or provide an entire team.

Companies needing help need to act fast.  This solicitation is coming right in the heart of the busy season.  And there is a limited supply of excellent talent with space experience.

Get in touch with us for help! 



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