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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is deep in the acquisition process for a follow-on to the Programmatics, Administration, Clerical, and Technical Services (PACTS) contract. This one will be called PACTS III. DHS started the ball rolling on PACTS III back in August of 2022 with a Notice of Intent to [...]

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Unlock Success with Transition Plan Optimization in Contracts

Transition Plan Optimization: Mastering the Transition Period for Government Contract One of the most important evaluation factors the U.S. Government considers when awarding a contract is what an offeror provides as their plan to transition the incumbent contractor out and to transition their own personnel in. Your ability to clearly state [...]

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Building Proposals: Organic Staff vs. Proposal Consultants

In today's economic climate, where margins are tighter than ever, contractor companies face a critical decision: building proposals with organic, in-house resources or partnering with external consultants. The quest for efficiency in a downturn has intensified the resulting debate. Let’s see if we can help with that decision. In today's cut [...]

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Navigating the Release of the Final RFP in Proposal Development

With the final RFP issued, a successful transition to proposal development hinges on one crucial activity: an exhaustive evaluation of the solicitation. This deep dive guides resource allocation, plan finalization, and team communication, laying the groundwork for a winning proposal. Optimizing Proposal Development: Unveiling The Team’s Key Responsibilities Upon receipt of the [...]

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Next Steps to Win NASA SEWP VI – Proposal Readiness Review (PRR)

With the anticipated release of the RFP in February, the arrival of NASA SEWP VI is imminent, drawing so near that it seems almost within reach. This program boasts best-industry-level program management, commands immense respect, is widely favored across federal agencies, awards all qualifying bidders, and carries a substantial $77B ceiling. And [...]

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Securing Exceptional Proposal Manager Consultants: A Guide to Selecting Top Talent

Your CEO has just issued an edict that the Vice President of Business Development must increase the number of proposal responses by 50 percent in the next six months. The number of solicitations being released by the Government is not a problem, but your staffing won’t allow you to have the [...]

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NASA SEWP VI Proposal Strategies

The excitement builds as SEWP VI gets closer every week.  This opportunity towers over all others in the federal IT space.  Estimated $77B ceiling. Given our market position, it’s evident that many companies have already begun their efforts.  Maybe not writing, but rather in developing strategy. Now is the time to begin. [...]

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7 Proposal Success Strategies to Secure More Wins

Given the slow RFP releases we are now seeing, it behooves us all to be as efficient as possible in preparing our proposals. Following below, I offer seven proposal success strategies that will help us develop more winners. Get to know the Customer Never prepare a proposal without developing sufficient customer intimacy.  [...]

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$670M FTA Project Management Oversight (PMO) Program

FTA Project Management Oversight (PMO) Nearing Release The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is expected to release before the end of the year a solicitation for Project Management Oversight (PMO) services. The solicitation will be to acquire contractor assistance in the administration of FTA grants and loans. These loans help the recipients to [...]

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Mastering the Art of Proposal Graphics: Comprehensive Guide in 250 Words

Proposal graphics are an essential component in the world of government proposals. This is what I have seen in helping customers prepare 5,000 proposals over the past 35 years.  Most of us in the proposal business know that good graphics is a key requirement.  However, most of us still don’t tell a [...]

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