In what is potentially the most complex IT integration, and one of the most highly valued contracts in government history, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) just released the final solicitation for its Defense Enclave Services (DES) contract.

Valued at $11.2 billion, this 10-year, single-award contract will serve as the Department of Defense’s (DoD) main vehicle for unifying its IT networks to support agencies and field activities that exist outside the military services.

The scope of the contract includes network operations and management, infrastructure, transition, cybersecurity, technical refresh support and engineering and innovation services for an SSP network environment.

For government contractors, this is a game-changing award that can absolutely transform their overall businesses over the next decade.

Though, internal proposal, business development, and operations teams need to move very quickly. Bids are due on February 8, 2021. In addition, DISA expects to award the contract in the first quarter of FY 2022.

According to this Federal News Network article, DISA has structured the contract as a best value competition, where price will certainly be a factor. The article also highlights how a vendor’s past performance and proposed technical approach will be equally weighed with price.

DISA expects to complete the migration and sustainment of Phase I agencies by fiscal-year 2025, and migration of Phase II agencies by fiscal-year 2026.

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