The sixth flight of the Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP VI) acquisition is about to take wing from NASA. Below is a discussion about what this might mean to interested Government contractors.

First the timing. Best estimate is the RFP will be released in early 2024, GovWin predicts in February.

Potential value

The spend on the current contract through the end of the second week of January is just under $45 billion, spread across 212 incumbent contractors. DoD and Veterans Affairs have been the agencies with the most use, accounting for nearly $19 billion of that spend. Navy, Justice, Treasury, Air Force, and State Department follow along with Spend in the $2-3 billion each range. Given the rate of inflation the country has recently experienced, I think it’s safe to say a $50 billion spend over the next iteration is quite plausible, although current estimates are for a $20 billion cap.

Program Quality

NASA SEWP is often regarded as the best Government IT procurement program.  This is usually credited to the leadership provided by long-term program manager, Ms. Joanne Woytek.

SEWP VI Bidders

If the 3:1 rule (three bidders to each one award) holds, this means there will be more than 600 bidders.  The significance of this is, the massive demand for consultants will cause the supply of the good ones to get lower as time passes.  And savvy bidders may want to act early.


Turning to the competition type, we see a mix of full and open and set asides depending upon which categories the winning vendors are awarded:

  • Category A is basically large business under NAICS 334111 for Computer Systems/Servers) NAICS 334111.
  • Category (Group) B is under NAICS 541519 with a size standard of 150 employees for Complimentary Products and will be a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set Aside. This includes storage solutions and UPS.
  • Category (Group) C will be a small business set aside basically for peripheral devices.
  • Category (Group) D will be a full and open competition for Networking / Security / Video and Conference Tools.

Note: The available references shuttle back and forth from “Category” to “Group.”

SEWP VI Solicitation

What will the solicitation look like? We don’t know at this point. The view expressed in the East Coast Industry Day is that they are leaning in the direction of using a simple “you meet the specs, you get an award” acquisition, not unlike what we’re seeing with OASIS+.  More to come on this as visibility gets better.

Staying Power

Those of us who have helped with previous evolutions of SEWP can attest to a problem.  After the final RFP comes out, SEWP inclines to have many amendments spread over several months.  Net net, responding to all these amendments costs added time and money.

What should we be doing now for SEWP VI?

  • First of all, whether you have attended any of the Industry Days or not, register here: SEWP VI West Coast Industry Day. There’s no current deadline to register, but I would do so sooner rather than later. This Industry Day is designed to be for feedback from industry, so be prepared to give it.
  • Get your proposal team geared up and at least get knowledgeable of what’s at stake, estimate the level of effort (LOE), and begin prep for the response.
  • Get any questions you may have submitted to NASA by February 28, and remember, you, as the contractor assume the risk for any questions you don’t ask.
  • Consider Performing a third-party Proposal Readiness Review (PRR). This will provide a professional, unbiased, assessment as to where your organization currently stands and what other preparations it needs to take before the final RFP is released.  The PRR is a high-value exercise.  Because it includes an experienced consultant who can:
    • Identify the holes in your offering
    • Provide an expert estimate of your point score
    • Save you money, if the lift is too heavy, and it is best to no-bid

SEWP VI is going to be a massive contract; so put your best foot forward.

OCI Experience

OCI has helped bidders win SEWP IV and V.


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