There is excitement in the RAPID IV bidder community after the September 26, announcement that NASA will release the final RFP for this $6B program — as early as this week.  Definitely in October.

A Primary Problem       

Undoubtedly, bidders have realigned their teams, since 2 out of the 8 awardees got a lion’s share of the business on the present contract.

What Happens Now?

Most bidders will now be putting final tweaks on their team building, getting their strategy as good as possible, and writing to the draft

Proposal Challenges

This proposal is like a cliff climb.  The tome outlined in the RFP will take person months to complete. Even if you have some writing done, now is the time to shift into high gear and work on your bid preparation earnestly enough to win.

Winning Help for Bidders

With the final RFP so close, local proposal consultants with satellite-related experience are about to become very scarce.  Bidders lacking talent are invited to contact OCI. We have proposal consultants with related experience – managers, writers, pricers, and more.  We are glad to provide talent to fill holes in your team. Or provide an entire team.

Companies needing help should act fast.  When the local talent runs out, then you are looking at consultants from states where there is satellite work such as Colorado and California.

Get in touch with us for help!