Who has more “Skin” in the Proposal Game – the Consultant or the Employee?

Based on my experience in the industry, I believe that, on the average, the level of commitment provided by the proposal consultant exceeds that of the employee. It is true that the proposal consultant’s position with the company does not require him or her to prepare a winning federal proposal to keep [...]

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Why Create Your Own Draft RFP?

Creating your own draft RFP allows you to address the following key questions: 1.How extensive will the scope of work be? 2. Will there be a past performance review? 3. Will it be a "best value" procurement or a price shoot-out? 4. What will be the most important evaluation considerations? When customers [...]

When Your Tech Personnel Can’t Write, How Can You Fix the Problem?

It is unfortunate that most engineers and SMEs assigned to proposal tasks are not good writers. And even if they are good writers in their field, they usually don't know how to do the structured, pitchy type of writing that helps win the contract. Based on 27 years at an agency including about 2,000 proposals, I have seen these solutions, with variations:

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Bid Board Decision

Gary Everett A company/bid-team must perform effective pre-bid marketing actions to position itself to win. A Bid Decision Board of senior management must assess whether these activities were effective enough to prepare a winning proposal. The Board should evaluate the strength of the company’s readiness to bid based on the questions given [...]

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Understanding the Role of Evaluators in Federal Government Solicitations

Gary Everett Evaluators can be afraid of their failure as well as the contractor, and both are motivating factors for them. Contractors need to consider and write to evaluators’ emotions, fears, biases and feelings as well as to the facts. A good proposal will include meeting these key Evaluator sell points checklist: [...]

Nine Reasons Why Proposals Lose

Gary Everett Obviously, many proposals lose on price. Reasons, other than price, given below, are from a GSA study.  It lists, in the order of occurrence, the most prominent reasons why proposals lose. Noncompliance with Solicitation’s specifications and requirements Insufficient understanding of contract’s requirements Poor proposal organization Wordiness or unclear writing style [...]

TEACH – A Major Opportunity for Training Support / Services Companies

TEACH (Train, Educate, and Coach) is a major new Multiple Award IDIQ coming out this year from the U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI).  The value is estimated to be $600-$800M annually for seven years (1 base year plus 6 option years).  Task Orders issued under [...]

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