Economizing on Technical Proposals: Paying Less and Getting More

One of the most challenging aspects of contract management is controlling the costs of proposal preparation.  Recently a customer asked me to prepare a cost analysis on a very expensive proposal, and I got the idea of expanding the study to six Beltway firms.  Based on examining three large and three small businesses, I found the following lessons learned on how to economize in preparing technical proposals. 

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Inside Scoop on SEWP V


On October 10th a “Special SEWP V Notice to Industry” was posted on; the link led to a gloomy Government shutdown notice. According to the NASA SEWP website, the due date will be released once the shutdown ends. 

There is speculation that the procurement will be re-structured and delayed an additional 45 days to allow more participation by small businesses that are having difficulty with the current specifications in the Mandatory Products List. For now, however, it is anticipated the due date will be no earlier than November 1, 2013.

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Insights on How to Complete a Winning SEWP V Proposal

So where are we now with about 50 days until Halloween, my predicted final due date for the SEWP V proposal? The NASA SEWP Bowl anticipates 1,300 proposals for the four competition groups and only intends to award about 80 contracts. If the SEWP contract awards were equal in all groups that would be 20 per group. That’s pretty easy for the non set aside groups A, C, and D.  But that may be too few for the SDVOSB/HUB Zone Group B who are bidding in large numbers for SEWP and may clamor for more participation if not awarded.  A little advice to those in the Mass Storage Devices bid Group B:  Make sure you address the High Performance Mass Storage Devices Mandatory list correctly, because Nancy Palm is on the evaluation committee.

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