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The GovCon Win News Round Up November

 GovCon Win News Round Up: OASIS+ Program Draft RPF is Live; Interior $1B Cloud Solicitation; Army $900M Tech Development Vehicle; and DARPA Kicks Off Prep for $1B Contract  Welcome to the GovCon “Win” News Round Up brought to you by OCI. Each month, we provide a summary of the most actionable news [...]

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The GovCon Win News Round Up October

GovCon Win News Round Up: White House Raises SDB Spending Goals; Air Force $5.3B Cyber Opportunity; and Army $1B Move to the Cloud  Welcome to the GovCon “Win” News Round Up brought to you by OCI. Each month, we provide a summary of the most actionable news to help you win more [...]

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Polaris GWAC “Lost in Space”

When we last donned our EV suits, the Polaris GWAC was scheduled to be released in mid-summer of this year. We all need to carry some additional oxygen canisters as the solicitation’s release is now apparently delayed until sometime in September. That’s the Deltek estimate at least, as there has been no [...]

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Engine for Growth – Winning STARS III

Brian McCollough -- With the PreSolicitation notice released and the final RFP coming in two weeks, there is no time to waste.  This is written to help bidders win a STARS III contract. It is time for serious 8(a) bidders to start work in earnest. And for interested large businesses to find a [...]

Winning Army Cyber Trident

Guest Contributor: Ken Blair As we approach late spring, a young person’s thoughts should turn to the Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE). OK, well, maybe not, but let’s talk about this latest opportunity from PEO-STRI. This program was moved under the Other Transaction Authority (OTA) on May 19th to make the procurement [...]

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The Truth About Federal Proposal Costs

During the past 30 years, I have frequently been asked the question, how much does it cost to prepare a proposal?

Or "What should it cost to prepare a proposal?" The desire is to have a valid standard a bidder can use to estimate the cost to prepare a proposal based on a key variable such as the dollar value of the contract being bid.

This question is a little like the question, what does it cost to build a house? The answer is that it depends on the size, style, materials, etc.

Back in the day, the generalization was often made that preparing a proposal cost 2% of the value of the contract being bid. However, solicitation requirements vary so much that this answer is dated and does not fit all situations. When we grant that it is almost impossible to quantify what proposals should cost, useful guidelines still can be offered.

Four Primary Types of Proposals

In order to address the question, let’s break proposals down into four different types that collectively account for a large portion of solicitations:

1. Low end base O&M services such as grounds, buildings, streets, uniformed guard service, utilities, trash, etc.

2. High end technical engineering services staff augmentation where the customer is buying a team of contractor personnel to provide technical support.

3. High end hardware / software driven solutions where the contractor is developing a system to perform a complex management function or to operate specialized equipment.

4. Product sales where the customer is buying a commercial off the shelf product.

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R – VECTOR (Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness)

Peter Adam $25B with many awards makes VECTOR by far the most promising SDVOSB program of the year.  For SDVOSBs with visions of VA system management contract sugar plums dancing in their heads, Christmas came early this year. On Dec. 19, the VA issued a draft RFP for its $25 Billion -- [...]

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Preparing for the ITES 3S Solicitation

The scheduled January release date of the $12.1B Army ITES 3S solicitation is getting closer every day. Project Director Thomas Neff has placed heavy emphases on “the ability for small businesses to compete on a level playing field and win work as a prime.” Previous PEO EIS project director Kevin Carroll says, now [...]

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Creating a Contract Story for Your Recompete

This article focuses on how a contractor can plan to have a winning story to tell on the next contract recompete. Being able to use examples from delivery on the existing contract is a real strength for incumbents. Other bidders can talk about other customers and contacts. Only you can give specifics [...]

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How is the Federal Budget for FY 2016 Looking? 

An Interview with Alan Chvotkin Note: Alan Chvotkin is the EVP and Counsel of the Professional Services Council (PSC). OCI:  Why has the volume of proposals dropped during 2015? Alan Chvotkin:  For four years in a row, government spending on the purchase of goods and services is down year-over-year, although not uniformly [...]

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